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Matt Smith November 8, 2011 2 Announcements

We recommend that everyone take the Foundations class to learn or review the foundations of the faith. Leadership and Seminars classes are about 10 hours each or less, and are designed for training in your local body. These are all available at no charge, but we do not offer reflection questions, quizzes or certificates based on these classes.

Biblical Training Institute classes are recordings of actual seminary level classes and provide in-depth instruction. These are available at no charge, but we do not offer credits or a degree.

Certificates classes are ten hours or less, and designed to provide introductory information appropriate for lay instruction. Each certificate has two or more classes. We have developed reflection questions and multiple-choice quizzes for each class. The reflection questions are for use in small group interaction under the leadership of a mentor of your choosing. You may earn a certificate through BiblicalTraining by registering for the certificate and passing the quizzes. There is a nominal charge to enroll in a certificate class to cover the cost of developing and updating the material, and providing the certificates. The certificates qualify for CEU credits that satisfy ACSI requirements, but cannot be applied for college or seminary credit. We hope these will be valuable resources for you and your church.

Matt Smith April 18, 2013 Announcements

If you see any errors in the articles, books, or transcriptions in the BT library, please let us know. You can use the "Help" tab on the right side of the home page or send us an e-mail at support@biblicaltraining.org. Thanks for your help!

Ed Taylor August 10, 2014 Community Help

Dr. Mounce is not able to respond to each question we receive about specific theology or translation topics. However, he often uses these types of questions as the basis for his weekly blog, Mondays with Mounce. You may view the current week's blog and blogs from past weeks at www.teknia.com.

Ed Taylor December 9, 2013 Announcements

We have set up a link to Google+ on each class page to give you an opportunity to post questions, make comments and interact with others who are processing the same material. We chose Google+ because it gives you connection to social media like Facebook, but you have more control in determining who sees your messages, and you can initiate Hangouts (i.e,. Skype calls) with individuals or groups.

If you are not familiar with Google+, you begin by setting up an account on the plus.google.com page.

Once you login, you will see Home in the upper left corner. You will also see headings across the top (e.g., All, Friends, Family, etc.) When you put your mouse over Home, you will see a drop-down menu. When you choose one of those items, the headings across the top will change accordingly.

When you click on the Google+ link on the Class page, you will see the About heading selected.  If you click on the Follow button, when others make comments on the Google+ link on this class page, you will see them on your Google+ page.

You may also someone to a circle. You can choose a circle you already have, or you can create a circle just for this class. When you make a comment, you can send it to an individual, a circle, more than one circle, or all your contacts (i.e., public).

There quite a few good tutorials to help you learn how to use Google+.  A couple that I found that might help you are: 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zXjvQSuZYA  (How it’s like facebook - 4 minutes);

2.  https://support.google.com/plus/answer/3466760?hl=en&ref_topic=3049661 click through tour of google plus once you have set up an account. Shows you how to use specific features.